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Meet the Pressed!

All our sandwiches are made on a 9" long bun, brushed with butter on top, and hot-pressed for a nice golden crust.

El Cubano

Mojo-style roast pork, ham, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles. Press-grilled for a golden crust. 13.99

El Chori-Queso

Mild chorizo and melted real cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, with lettuce and mayo. Press-grilled for a nice crusty top and bottom. 12.99

Chipotle Chicken

Pulled chicken meat in a creamy chipotle sauce (mild heat, contains onions), with lettuce and mayo. Press-grilled for a nice crust. 12.99

Al Pastor Sandwich

Pastor-style pork shoulder and grilled pine-apple slices, with lettuce and mayo. Press-grilled to a golden crust. 12.99

Steak & Onions Sandwich

Chopped marinated steak with grilled onions, with lettuce and mayo. Press-grilled for a crusty finish. 13.99


Fries  3.29

Tomato Bisque  3.49

Cream of Cheddar & Broccoli  3.49

Cream of Bacon & Potato  3.49


Jarrito  2.69

(lime • pineapple • mandarin • mango)

Soft Drink  4.19

(Pepsi • Diet Pepsi • 7Up • Ginger Ale)

Iced Tea  2.39

Juice 2.79

(Apple • Cranberry Cocktail)


Corona 12oz Can  5.49

Molson Canadian 12oz Can  5.29

Mill St. Organic 12oz Can 5.29

Stonewall Light 9.7oz Bottle  5.29


By The Cheesecake Factory Bakery®


• Oreo® Cookies and Cream

• Candy Bar

(with chunks of Reeses®, Butterfinger® & Snickers®)

• Dulce de Leche 

• White Chocolate Raspberry

Now open at Sunny Morning® Etobicoke!

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